Cristiana Ribeiro

Love explosion by Cacharel

Amor Amor perfume review

Hello hello gorgeous people,
Once again in association with Lovers Portugal, I received this perfume as a Christmas gift with a note saying “This is so you”. I was intrigued by that message but I totally agree, because I have memories of my mother using Cacharel perfumes offered by my father. Nowadays, I’m the one who receives them from my boyfriend. :)
When I saw this gift I was absolutely thrilled because it is a perfume that I use daily and I do not get tired of its fragrance.
I’m talking about Cacharel’s Amor Amor. It is an eau de toilette that is in the fruity floral olfactory family, launched in 2003, which made and still makes quite a success. It has a mixture of sour or citrus notes, since it has tangerine, cherry, blackberry, grapefruit, with a more feminine or sweet elements, like flowers and vanilla. Given that my skin does not hold much of the perfumes, I would say that its duration is average; but I can feel (much more smoothly) its fragrance on my clothes and my wrists after a full day's work as I write to you.
For the more romantic ones, I would say that this perfume is practically the elixir of love. Its seductive scent is suitable for all seasons of the year, for girls and women. Do not be afraid to be provocative, seductive or funny; this fragrance is all of that and, wherever we go, we will feel empowered. I would describe this perfume as a kiss should be: slow and delicate. So I recommend it for romantic dates, such as a dinner for two.
The packaging is unmistakable. Simple and beautiful, it has a lovely detail, as if it were a "grenade" for an explosion of love. :) Its red color evokes the rose. The color of passion and its rounded form resemble the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden.
I take this opportunity to leave a suggestion to all men: Saint Valentine’s day is coming and this perfume and a red rose would be a great gift for your loved ones.Buy it through INVERTO.PT and take advantage of our 20% discount by using this promotional code:


What about you, have you ever heard of this perfume before?
Kisses and till next post.

Cristiana Ribeiro - January 13th 2017.