"The big brother of mine: Boss Bottled"

Boss Bottled

Recently got a handful of fragrances from a friend of mine to test them out, choose my favourite one and to give my review/opinion on one of them. Excited and impatient as a child on Christmas Eve waiting for the time of presents to be opened I had to wait until I got home for to finally open the given bottles of seduction and pure pleasure.
And there I was sitting in my bed with five different designer fragrance houses presented in front of me and every bottle "screaming" - pick me, PICK ME! I felt like a captain of a football team in a gym class where I have to choose between the best players and my friends. The selection of my favourite fragrance was a tough decision but the choice of picking the one for the review was obvious - Boss Bottled eau de toilette by Hugo Boss. As the firsts notes of the fragrance hit my nose I was thrown almost 20 years back in the past when I was starting my first year in college in the year 2000.
As a freshman's gift for stepping into the next stage in my life, I received my first decent fragrance from my elder brother and it was Hugo Dark Blue by Hugo Boss while my brother was wearing Boss Bottled himself. Although Hugo Dark Blue was released in 1999 while Boss Bottled one year before in 1998 and they have different creators, one I can tell for sure - the DNA of both of the fragrances, in my opinion, is pretty much the same (or just mixed in my memories). Anyhow Boss Bottled is fresh and fruity in the beginning that develops into floral and spicy heart notes and dries down into woody and pleasant vanilla notes that just brings back a lot of good memories, a lot of nostalgia...
And now after all these years that have passed by I identify this fragrance as my big brother back then - successful and confident man of an action ready to close the deals and conquer the whole world.
Boss bottled is still modern, fresh and up to date fragrance, one of the dinosaurs and top sellers of men fragrances from Hugo Boss house.

Gatis Plavins - 12 December 2017