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I confess: Make-up is my weak point, but the blog will have much more than just that. They will be tips on study, hair, clothing, skin care. Basically, it's going to be about everything I want and ... and then I'll see you soon
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Tutorial: Nude and simple make-up

Hey there Guys! Hope you’re fine 
Today’s article is about a super simple and nude make up that you can wear in every situation. This makeup involves nude and gold tones and is super easy to make, even for those who doesn’t know how to make up. In 10 minutes I promise you’re ready to leave the house and glow. READY? GO!
1 – SKIN
As always, the first thing I like to do is take care of my skin. First, I put a primer; then the foundation; the concealer; the powder and the blush. Just like this:

2 – EYES
Next step: eyes. For the eyes, let's make a very simple gradient of golds and browns. The first step is to put a base tone across the movable eyelid, something like beige. Then, again all over the movable eyelid, we put the darkest nude tone that, in this case, I chose to be a golden one. Finally, in the outer corner of the eye, we give a little blur of a darker tone, which I chose to be a brown. To finish it do it a eyeliner next to the line of the eyelashes and put a lot of mascara.

3 – LIPS
Final touch: lipstick. Since the make-up of the eyes is very simple, any lipstick could be awesome here: nudes, roses, reds, browns … I chose a tone between pink and red!
After this, we’re ready to face the rest of the week always with a sparkle on the face.

I hope you have enjoyed this super simple and easy make-up!!

HashTag Joana. January 8th, 2018.