La Vie Est Belle L' Eclat

A review by Ana Sousa

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle

I normally say that a woman is not fully “dressed” without a can be discreet or a more audacious and irreverent aroma, it depends on our taste, but, after all, the most important thing is the way it makes us feel.
I always look for a perfume that makes me feel feminine, with a sweet touch and a fruity fragrance. “La vie Est Belle L´Éclat” from Lancôme is the perfect combination of elegance and sweetness, which makes it my favourite perfume at the moment and an essential before I leave my house in the morning. Do you know the perfume that allows us to be in the spotlight in a room full of people, making compliments about how well we smell? And questioning which fragrance are we using? Well, this is that perfume, I can promise you!
The design of the bottle combines with the fragrance, it is super delicate and feminine, and for those who like sugared and long lasting perfumes, without being too nauseating, this is absolutely a good choice.

Ana Sousa - Lisboa, January 10th 2018.