Escape from yourself!

Michael Kors WonderLust perfume review

It’s, perhaps, the first time I smell a Michael Kors and it actually nails it! For that I give you my gratitude; honestly I thought Michael Kors wasn’t a top fragrance brand – it has a relatively short portfolio and it is a fairly recent (since 2000) perfume activity. For Michael Kors to grow and step further into this industry it had to create a hit. Could it be "WonderLust"? I can’t be sure but I would bet it is.
The generator idea for this perfume is the human appeal to travel and to “escape” from her world (it’s a female fragrance) to a tropical place which is, usually, a natural wonder. My thesis is that perfumes can be, besides commercial products, works of art but one cannot forget that they are conceived to be consumed by people and, therefore, they have to reach the highest human feelings and emotions. Michael Kors perceived that and developed a concept which so much dear to so many people: the inner force to travel, the spirit of “escaping” and the determination to discover world’s wonders.
When you apply it to your skin (and you have to, at least, try it) it is, in my opinion, impossible to not be familiar with this idea of evading. WonderLust fragrance is a rich mixture of floral and fruity elements, starting with Almond Milk and Bergamot and evolving into a composition of Dianthus and Heliotrope that gives you that tropical scent with a nice finish of Sandalwood and Benzoin, it’s a very simple olfactory composition and, yet, it’s powerful.
Unlike almost any other Michael Kors perfume bottles, either solid blocks or minimalistic narrow stones, WonderLust is, also at this level, a slightly different piece; it’s an elegant curved object that appeals to woman sensuality, obviously.
The TV commercial for this perfume seems a lit bit poor and, worse, it does not “demand” me to acquire this fragrance but, in a certain way, it can capture WonderLust’s idea with a sort of a refinement.

José Vicente Cândido - Lisboa, August 2017.