L'Homme Ideal Sport, 2017.

L'Homme Ideal Sport

The original L'Homme Ideal, and its variations, arouse in the majority of men a certain initial curiosity: we want to know not only what the "smell" of the ideal man but, above all, what is the ideal man. This year Guerlain launches the sporty version of this fragrance that certainly brings together a homogenous body of fans. We are dealing with a fragrance that explains easily the difference between a sport edition and a summer fragrance: both are, tendentially, fresh and with the predominance of floral elements, with summer fragrances almost always having citrus elements such as grapefruit, bergamot or the Orange. In this "L'Homme Ideal Sport" there are no citrus elements and, in addition, when trying, you are faced with an attempt not very well achieved, in my opinion, a fresh and dense aroma at the same time.
The bottle, however, is of a unique beauty. It is true that I expected the same cold, dense and heavy object of the original L'Homme Ideal, and yet I am still fascinated by the very pastel shade of blue that fits perfectly with the whole concept of this perfume.


  • José Cândido
    José Cândido
    | Very Good |
    October 2017

    When experiencing "L'Homme Ideal Sport" I was neither surprised by the positive nor, at all, disappointed. I can say that I was waiting for any element in this perfume that had the WOW attribute and, to be honest, I did not recognize it. It's a good fragrance, no doubt, but not a great perfume, unfortunately.

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