Michael Kors

WonderLust, 2016.

Michael Kors WonderLust perfume review

An interpretation of the innate human will to get out of oneself, its context and its routine, and start towards a tropical paradise, full of smells and tastes different from our culture. The generative concept of "WonderLust" materializes in a perfume with a bottle without any straight line (a bit in rupture with the previous bottles of this brand) and a fragrance with very interesting shades such as Heliotrope, Almond Milk and Cashmere.


  • José Cândido
    | August 2017

    It’s, perhaps, the first time I smell a Michael Kors and it actually nails it! For that I give you my gratitude; honestly I thought Michael Kors wasn’t a top fragrance brand – it has a relatively short portfolio and it is a fairly recent (since 2000) perfume activity. For Michael Kors to grow and step further into this industry it had to create a hit. Could it be "WonderLust"? I can’t be sure but I would bet it is.

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