LOVERS Portugal is a non-profit organization of perfume and cosmetics promotion.
The main activity that developed is perfumery and cosmetics promotion, sharing and reviewing, of the people, the objects, the processes, the brands and the industry.
The LOVERS Portugal mission:
LOVERS Portugal is a platform of promotion and evaluation of objects, brands and people involved in the Beauty industry seeking, on one hand, to inform consumers and, on the other hand, assure the selection of quality products that have inner aesthetical qualities and potential artistical value. LOVERS Portugal aims also to promote products and brands that best fit to consumers' needs and motivations.
The LOVERS Portugal vision:
LOVERS Portugal has the ambition of being the NÂș1 communication and promotion platform of the entire Beauty industry not also in Portugal - where it started - but in Europe and the World. Bulding strong partnerships, collecting emerging brands and, specially, gathering the top professionals of this business is the LOVERS Portugal goal.
The LOVERS Portugal principles
LOVERS Portugal, prior to product promotion and branding, promotes people: not only the industry agents (vendors, retailers, opinion-makers, brand managers...) but, specially, the people committed to the LOVERS Portugal project. To every one of them LOVERS Portugal guarantees independency from the industry and the principle of free-opinion.